''As a working mum of two I was constantly overwhelmed by the state of my home. I just couldn't keep up with it all and I dreaded people coming over to my house because it was such a mess.
Sally was able to get me to look at my home and my stuff in a complete new way. She guided me through the process of getting my house back under control and helped to ease the stress I was under from the constant chaos in my home. She gave me practical solutions and actually listened to my worries.
Sally was a calm and positive voice telling me I could do this and she made me realise that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for. Thank you!''
Amy Bowes

Messy office desk
''I am a new mum and was stressed about the state of my house. I felt so unorganised and frazzled. One part of that was the pantry, Sally kindly offered to come and assist.

Sally made me feel comfortable the moment she stepped into my house. She got to work straight away, getting all the food out to see what we had. It was a surprise to see how much I had that was out of date, hiding in the back. As we went along, Sally gave me really useful hints.

After we finished, I couldn't believe the transformation. For the remainder of the week I would just walk past and open up the door for no other reason than to look at the clean, sleek, organised pantry that was mine!! Sally even offered to take the plastic bags up to Coles for me - now that's service!
Thank you Sally, for all your hard work!! That's one part of my life that is now in order x''