DIY Plan 

DIY plans are great if you are already pretty organised but you just need some new ideas and guidance about what to do and where to start. 

DIY plans include: 

  • Goal setting 
  • Blueprint for a clutter free room/home 
  • Organising products shopping list (if required)
  • Donation and recycling options near you
  • Post session communication by email or phone up to two weeks

DIY Plan Rates = start from $80 per room/space. 

Prices will depend on the different requirements of each space.  

Woman sitting on the floor folding a blur hand towel

Hands-on Organising

If you are struggling to find the motivation and the time to get your space organised then the Hands-on sessions are for you! These sessions are really where you will see the biggest impact in your home in the shortest amount of time.

It can be daunting for some people to tackle big decluttering and organising jobs, which is why I am here to help. A big part of the hands-on organising sessions is to offer you with support and understanding. I also provide you with expert knowledge and a second set of hands which makes a huge difference in the amount that can be achieved.

My clients often tell me how it feels like they can ‘breathe again’ after we have completed hands-on organising sessions.

  • 60-minute initial consultation
  • Hands-on organising
  • Implementation of systems
  • Donation drop-off (conditions apply)
  • Product research and organising products shopping list (if required)
  • Post session communication by email or phone up to four weeks

Organising Rates:

 Hourly rate = $65

1 session – 3 hours = $195     

2 sessions – 6 hours = $365 (SAVE $25)

4 sessions – 12 hours = $705 (SAVE $75)

8 sessions – 24 hours = $1335 (SAVE $225)

Fresh 45 session

Fresh 45 sessions are designed for current and previous clients only. It is a great way to check in post organising session (3-12 months) to see how the space is working. It is an ideal opportunity to freshen up the space and tweak any systems that aren’t quite working the way they should.

Many of my clients also use these sessions during change of season e.g. I come in and help rotate out summer and winter clothing.

The fresh 45 sessions are 45 minutes in duration. If more time is required it will be charged at normal organising rates.   

Fresh 45 Rates:

45 minutes = $45

Travel fee:

Please note that a travel fee may be charged if you are located outside of my standard operating area. I am based in Blackwood South Australia and typically work within a radius of 20km from there. If you live outside this area please get in contact with me a we can discuss the options. 

Additional services:

In addition to the above packages I also offer a personal shopper service. I charged an hourly rate $30 per hour. I do not mark up the product and only invoice for the products that are used. 

Gift certificates are available upon request.

If you would you like to find out more, head over to the FAQ page and learn about how you too could enjoy the benefits of a clutter free home.