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Five simple ways to boost your mood instantly

Let’s face it, we all have down days. Sometimes things just aren’t going right and the world feels like a lonely place. The good news is there are some really easy ways to improve your mood and feel better about life.

Here are my top five tips on how to boost your mood instantly.

Go for a walk

Getting outside and going for a walk never fails to boost my mood and reset my thought patterns. The motivation can be hard to find sometimes but honestly fresh air and movement are amazing. Even if it’s just walking down to the letterbox or around the block, it’ll make a difference.  

Hug someone

I love hugs. I think they are just the greatest thing ever. So, my suggestion is to go find someone to hug. Make it a good one, like a solid 5 second bear hug. If hugging isn’t your thing, call someone and reconnect. Take some time and call a friend or a family member. Let them know that you miss them and are glad to have them in your life. Not only will it make you feeling better, it’ll brighten their day too.

Eat some chocolate

Yeah, I’m totally telling you to eat some chocolate. Not an entire block (which I am totally capable of doing btw), I’m talking about going and getting your favourite chocolate and enjoying the hell out of it. I don’t drink coffee but if you do, go get one! On the condition that you get the coffee and actually sit down for 10 minutes. If you are running errands, adding another 10 minutes of breathing space will not be the end of the earth.

Buy yourself some flowers

Better yet, pick your own! I don’t remember the last time someone gave me flowers and that’s ok. I am capable of getting my own. Spoil yourself and buy some beautiful sunflowers or bright gerberas. Put them somewhere you will see them often, like your kitchen table or work desk. I can guarantee you will smile every time you see them.

Let something go

As a professional organiser I see the impact of clutter on people’s moods. Whether you realise it or not clutter is sapping you of your energy and dragging your mood down. Have a look around the space you sent the most time in and see if there is anything that you’d be willing to let go of. Don’t be scared and don’t think about it too much. If you don’t love it, use it or need it, why not consider letting it go.

Sometimes all it takes is small actions, like the ones above, to make a difference.