Autumn coloured leaves hang on a line
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Five spaces to organise this Autumn

You don’t need to wait until spring to get your organising-on!

In fact, Autumn is the perfect time to spend some time tidying up and getting organised. Why? Because we will soon be spending more and more time inside and after a while cabin fever can set in. Below are five spaces in your home that will really benefit from some Autumn- organising love.

Organise your closet 

I’m sure you’ve already started grabbing out your coats and scarfs. Now is the time to start thinking about rotating out your summer and winter clothes. By packing away your sandals and shorts there’s less to sort through when getting ready in the morning. Consider storing summer clothes out of the way on a high shelf, in an unused suit case or a vacuum-packed bag under your bed. Get them out of the way and enjoy your wardrobe rather than fight it.

Organise your entryway 

With the winter chill and rain so too comes the extra stuff: coat, boots, scarfs, beanies and umbrellas. Make your life easier now by making sure your entry is set up to accommodate these extra items. Have hooks to hang your coats. A place for your umbrellas. A mat for wet and dirt shoes. A home for your winter accessories.

Organise your linen cupboard

Now is the time to get out your flannelette sheets, blankets and heavy quilts. Water bottles and electric blankets too. Nothing feels better than a soft warm bed when it’s cold outside. While you are there, why not declutter any mismatched or damaged items. Store away your warmer weather items out of the way and give all of your in-season linen a good airing.

Organise your bedroom

Following on from the linen cupboard make sure your bedroom is inviting. Getting a good night’s sleep is important but often bedrooms aren’t very restful. Take the opportunity to carve out a cozy little haven in your bedroom. Remove the clutter, tidy up and put some love into this space. Small touches can often make all the difference. Add a warm blanket, buy a new (or gently used) book, light a wonderfully scented candle. Whatever works for you.

Organise your lounge room 

A great way to avoid feeling claustrophobic this winter is by removing clutter and opening up your living space. Giving yourself visual breathing room means that you won’t feel so confined. Take stock of your lounge room. Is it relaxing or is it a dumping ground? Now is time to reassess and take action.

By taking steps now you will reap the benefits when you need them most. Feel better about your home and enjoy the cooler weather rather than dread it.