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4 Common Organising Mistakes and how to fix them

There are some organising mistakes that I see people make over and over again. They might not seem that important but in actual fact these mistakes can have a significant impact on how you feel about your home.

#1 - Concentrating on the wrong thing

I’m sure you have all heard the term ‘spark joy’ by now. Now whilst I don’t subscribe to all of Marie Kondos’ teaching this is really a key point. Rather than concentrating on what you want to get rid of, focus instead on what you want to KEEP!

– Does this item add VALUE to my life?

– Does this item have a PURPOSE in my home? 

– Does this item spark JOY? 

By asking yourself these type of question you can really highlight what belongs in your home and what doesn’t.

# 2 - Buying organising products before decluttering

The first thing you should do when you are organising a space is to declutter!! Always declutter first. Only once you have removed all the excess can you really assess what kind of storage you need. 
Majority of the time spending money on product isn’t going to fix your space, having less stuff is. Think of containers, shelves and boxes etc as complimentary items not the main show!

# 3 - Keeping things out of guilt

Have you ever wanted to let go of something but you’ve held into it because you have felt guilty?
Guilt because you spent a lot of money on it, because it still might be useful, because it was a gift from a loved one. 

I want to stop you right there. 

If you have unwanted items like this in your home you need to release this guilt. The money is gone, let it be useful to someone else, and accept the love BEHIND the gift (if the gift didn’t work for you or your home it is ok to let it go). 

# 4 - Not plugging the clutter holes

So you’ve spent all this time and effort decluttering and organising your space only to see it all go back to the way it was or even worse than it was before! The problem might be that you didn’t put in place measures to keep the clutter from re-entering your home aka plugging the clutter holes. 

Here are some examples you could utilise to keep the clutter out:

– Consider going on a shopping break or put in place a 30 day list (write items on a list rather than impulse buying) 

– Talk to family and friends about trying to reduce the clutter in your home and give them ideas of how they might be able to help. e.g. looking after the kids whilst you declutter. 

– Think experiences over physical gifts 
– Go paperless!

Moving forward have confidence in yourself and your decisions. Organising can be fun and it can be amazing way to clear out the clutter from your home. Just remember to concentrate on the right things!!