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Organising tools to help you organise your kitchen

I’m a big believer in using what you have but sometimes you just need to invest in some good quality organising products. Here are some examples of products that I use in my own kitchen (or as close as I can find online). 

1. Glass (nesting) tupperware

I used to have loads of different types of containers but it was so frustrating trying to find the right lid for the right container. I ended up investing in some really good quality glass tupperware and getting rid of the rest. To be fair I have another set that I use exclusively for freezer use but it is really easy to tell the difference between the two sets. 
Source: IKEA

2. Stackable containers

When it comes to the pantry, you have to use your space wisely. Having your containers stackable is a game changer. 
Source: Bunnings 

3. Utensil container

I have a tall container like this one that sits on my kitchen bench for frequently used items like my wooden spoon. I make sure that only the items that are used regularly go back into this container. 
Source: Coles 

4. Clear containers

These clear containers seem to be all the rage atm and I can see why, they look so pretty. But for many years I have just used things like a simple shoe boxes and it has worked just as well. The main advantage with clear containers though is that you can actually see the contents!
to be honest I wouldn’t rush out and get these until you’ve tried the shoebox for abit. It is a good way of testing it out before you go and spend money. But once you have the system set and you are looking at something more permanent then these clear containers are a good idea.  
Source: Kmart 

5. Glass jars

I really like being able to see everything at a glance when I look in my pantry. Initially I invested in quite a few of these jars but over the years I have started repurposing old coffee, jam and coconut oil jars too. 
Obviously the repurposing can take a bit of time so if you are wanting to speed things up consider asking friends or family to keep specific jars for you or even ask local community Facebook groups. You never know the response you might get. 
Source: The Reject Shop 

6. Wire rack

I delayed buying one of these for so so long. I used all sorts of cheaper alternatives but I finally bought one recently and I am kicking myself for not doing it earlier! These are great for storing baking trays and pans vertically. The advantage of this is that they are so much easier to access. 
Source: Howard Storage World 

7. Towel hook

Once again this is something that I delayed buying but it just makes my kitchen feel so much better and my tea towels actually have a chance to dry between uses! 
Source: Bunnings 

Well that’s it. As I said these are just a few products that I use in my own home. I have seen value in them so I thought I would share with you all too.