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Making your linen cupboard work for you not against you

Neatly folded blue towels

I was working with a client today to re-organising her linen cupboard. 

The main issue wasn’t actually a organising issue though, the problem was actually that there was just too much stuff. 

I see this a lot and not just in the linen closet. We just simply have TOO MUCH STUFF in our homes. Letting go of the excess things really does make life so much easier. 

So here are some really simple tips that will help your linen closet work for you and your family. 


  • 2-3 bath towels per person is sufficient in any household. One in use, one in the wash and one in the cupboard. 
  • Use a different colour towel (or style) for each member of the family. It helps identify whose towel it is laying wet on the bathroom floor!

  • Yes you can have guest towels but be realistic on exactly how many guests you will have at one time.

Bed linen

  • 2 sets of bed linen (sheets and quilt covers) is usually sufficient for an adult. For a child another set may be useful especially for a younger child who still has accidents during the night. 

  • Store sheet sets together rather than in style. Especially if you have all the same colour (e.g. white) as it’s easy to get them muddled up. You can also store folded linen inside it’s matching pillowcase to keep things extra neat and tidy. 

  • If you aren’t sure of sizes write it on the tags with a laundry marker. It will help you sort them when it comes to laundry time. 

What to do with the excess?

  • Good quality bed linen can be donated. If you are in South Australia Treasure Boxes is a great charity supporting local families in need. 
  • Towels and blankets can be donated to your local vet clinic to help care for sick or injured animals. Always best to give them a call first to check what they are needing. 
  • Exceptions: quilts, pillows and anything with filling is hard to donate especially if they aren’t in good condition so if in doubt just ask!
  • Consider recycling: Upparel recycle textiles including bed linen. Yes there is a fee involved but they give you a credit towards their products like socks and undies. It is a much better alternative to throwing them in the bin. 
  • Repurpose: old sheets and towels can have many different uses e.g. old sheets as painting drop sheets and old towels can be cut up and used as rags. But if you can’t use it considered offering it up on a community Facebook page like a Buy nothing new group.

What's stopping you?

These tips are simple I know but sometimes simple is THE BEST THING when it comes to getting your home organised. 

The truth is less stuff you have the easier it is to maintain. Which means more time for other more enjoyable things like eating chocolate! 😛