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I want to declutter but where do I even start?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a Professional Home Organiser is: Where do I start?! Do you want to know my secret? Stop overthinking and just start.

It’s an annoying answer isn’t it? But here me out.

So many of my clients struggle with overwhelm. They walk into a room and the the clutter is almost paralysing. They can sense it. I can sense it. But here is the thing, I know that once you push through that barrier, real progress can be made.

Working with a client I can help them tackle bigger projects, like a organising an entire room. My suggestion for those of you who are doing it on your own though is to START SMALL. If you go and empty your entire wardrobe onto your bed, Marie Kondo style, you will probably end up hating the whole process and most likely give up.

Stop seeing your home as a mountain

Yes, you need to get it sorted but if you keep seeing it as a whole, it’s just going to overwhelm you. Start seeing it in small bite sized chunks. 

Take it one step at a time and keep putting one foot in front of of the other. Before you know it you will be on a roll!

So pick a point and JUST START!
– One drawer in the kitchen
– One shelf in your wardrobe
– One section of your bookcase or office table
– One drawer of your bedside table

Once that drawer or shelf is done, move onto the next one. And the next one. Just keep going!

Forget perfect and just get on with it

Now this might sound a little harsh but the reality is you just have to let go of your excuses and start.

– Set a timer for 5 mins and go! Do this as often as you can. Setting a timer will really help to keep you motivated and on task. You can increase the timer over time but the idea is to just get in and make some progress not matter how small. 

– Make a date with yourself at least once a week for 30 mins e.g. every Tuesday at 9.30am. Treat it like any other appointment in your calendar and make sure you keep it! You and your home are important and are at least worthy of 30 minutes uninterrupted organising time. 

– Find someone to help motivate you and keep you accountable. I know not everyone is able to afford a Professional Home Organiser and that is ok. But finding someone who gets what you are doing and has your back could give you the final bit of incentive to get things organised. 

Build your deculttering muscles

When you are achieving small bite sized goals over and over again your confidence in your decisions making ability will grow. This is what I like to call building your decluttering muscles. And just like any muscle, the more you use it the better and stronger you will get! 

The result is that in time you are able to tackle larger projects because you know you are capable of doing it. You have already proven it. Having confidence in your abilities and your decisions is so important when it comes to decluttering your home.