Testimonial from a client

“Sally was absolutely amazing. I was so tired and fed up of constantly cleaning mounds of toys and washing and rubbish around the house. It was just out of control.

She helped me get things under control in a way that was maintainable past the initial tidy up. Things have a specific place, the kids toys, clothes and bedrooms are now organised so they can get what they want without pulling everything out. And the general bits and pieces that were always lying around now have homes making it quick and easy to both clean and find what I need.

She was so amazing and supportive, I was so embarrassed about the state of it, but she made me so content and stress free throughout the entire process. I can not recommend her services enough.”

Messy office desk

”I am a new mum and was stressed about the state of my house. I felt so unorganised and frazzled. One part of that was the pantry, Sally kindly offered to come and assist.

Sally made me feel comfortable the moment she stepped into my house. She got to work straight away, getting all the food out to see what we had. It was a surprise to see how much I had that was out of date, hiding in the back.

As we went along, Sally gave me really useful hints. After we finished, I couldn’t believe the transformation. For the remainder of the week I would just walk past and open up the door for no other reason than to look at the clean, sleek, organised pantry that was mine!!

Thank you Sally, for all your hard work!! That’s one part of my life that is now in order ”

Organised linen closet with beautifully folded sheets and towels
Messy and unorganised linen closet