Allowing someone into your home is a big thing.

I would like to answer some questions so that you can feel more comfortable with how I operate and what’s involved in the organising process. 

Q: Who do you help?

A: I help busy women organise their homes so they can concentrate on more important things, like their families. 

I work on large projects like whole house transformations as well as smaller projects throughout the home. For example, a client might be struggling with their linen closet. In this circumstance I would help them reassess their stuff, their space and the way they use both of them. I would also teach the client how to maintain their linen closet so they are no longer overwhelmed.

Q: Can I see your work? 

Of course! I love to show people just what can a little bit of organising can achieve.

Take a look for yourself in the Gallery.

Q: Should I clean up before you come?

A: No. There is absolutely no need to clean up before I visit. In fact, it’s better if you don’t as it allows me to see the space how it is currently being used. This will give me a greater capacity to see where our time will be best spent.

Q: I’m embarrassed by the state of my home, what if it’s the worst you’ve seen?

A: As a Professional Organiser I am not interested in making you feel ashamed or embarrassed about your situation. I will not judge you or your home in any way. I just see clutter and disorganisation as a puzzle that I need to help solve. We all have to start somewhere. I would love to help you reach a point where you are proud of your home and not embarrassed by it.

Q: What happens at the consultation?

A: The consultation can go up to an hour, during which time we will get to know each other a little better. I will ask you to walk me through your home and the spaces you would like my help with. I will ask you a number of questions about your home, how you use it and what goals you are wanting to achieve. We will then discuss how I will be able to help you and what steps we should take moving forward.

Q: What should I expect during an organising session?

A: A typical organising session will be 3 hours in length.

We will start by going through the all of the items in your space and sorting them into categories. This allows us to see the excess items more clearly. For example, the 15 pairs of jeans, of which you only wear 2.

I will then help to guide you through the process of deciding what you would like to keep and 
what you would like to declutter (donate, recycle, toss).

Once we have established the items that will remain, we will organise them into the most efficient and practical storage for both you and your space. I like to use whatever you have on hand first but I may also suggest purchasing additional storage. I will always keep your space and budget in mind. I am also happy to the do the shopping for you, as part of my personal shopper service, if requested.

At the end of every session I will offer to take any declutter items to donate or recycle them for you. If you have multiple sessions booked, I may have some simple tasks or homework that I will ask you to complete before the next session, such as purchasing storage containers.

A lady in pink bends over next to a toddler as she reaches for something in a pantry

Q: How long will it take to get organised?

A: The process really depends on you and your decision-making ability. Every client and every space is different. Sometimes clients can make quick decisions, whilst others take a slow and more measured approach. 

Whatever the case, I will be there to make sure the session is as productive as possible. If you need a break that’s totally OK! Organising can be stressful at times. I can always find something to work on until you are ready to continue.

Q: Do I have to throw away my things?

A: No, absolutely not. The decision on what we do with your things is completely up to you. I would never make you throw away something that you wanted to keep. I may, however, ask you some tough questions. If clutter is affecting your way of life (feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated) or keeping you from your goals, it’s my job to help you to step through the decision-making process. I will be with you every step of the way, encouraging and supporting you in whatever decisions you make.

Q: Will you help me donate or recycle the things I chose to part with?

A: Yes, I can certainly help you re-home your decluttered items. At the end of a session I will offer to transport as much as I can in my car and will assist you in organising a pick-up of larger items, like furniture.

I regularly provide donations to the following charities: Goodwill, the Salvos, Vinnies and RSPCA charity shops. I also utilise a number of recycling programs such as Unplug and drop and Bring it back. Depending on the item, I may take it to another location or charity. For example, I will take old towels to my local vets as they can use them for bedding for sick animals.

My aim is to take your unwanted items to be best place possible for them to be re-homed. If you decide you want your items taken to a different charity or location I will try to accommodate where possible.

Q: Do I need to be present during the session?

A: Ideally you would be present for the organising session. Sessions generally go faster when the client is present and able to make on the spot decisions. I try to make the experience a learning opportunity and teach you how to maintain your space in the future. This is best achieved by working through the space together.

However, life can be busy sometimes so I understand if you require me to work independently. I will need your input and direction at the beginning so that I can declutter and organise your space to suit your personal needs. At the end of the process, there may need to be some adjustments made to
make sure that you are 100% happy with the way I have organised your space in your absence.

Q: Can my kids be home while we organise?

A: I have no problem with children being present during the organising session. If we are working on a child’s room, playroom or child’s possessions it would be a good idea to talk to them about what is going to be happening and allow them to be a part of the process.

However, if we are working in a different part of the home, having children there can often slow the process down and can even hinder the decision-making process in some cases. If you want to make the most out of the time we have together, I would recommend small children be otherwise supervised.

Q: Is our work confidential?

A: Absolutely! Your privacy is of the upmost importance to me and I would never share any of your personal details. You can be confident that our sessions will be a private matter and that you are my number one priority.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: Organised by Sally is based in Blackwood, South Australia. I typically service areas within a 40 minute drive from Blackwood. If a client is outside this area a small travel fee may be charged.

 Q: Do the packages include the cost of organising products?

A: I will provide some basic supplies, like labels, but ultimately the cost of organising products will be up to you, the client. I will discuss with you your organising budget and we will work within your requirements. I will always try to use what you already have on hand first, but I may also suggest additional storage if I think it is required.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply visit my contact page and get in touch. I will get back to you and arrange a time to meet so we can discuss your needs.